Dear Champions for Life,

Many of you have been monitoring the changes and directives from our state and local
authorities due the effects of the Coronavirus upon our lives and communities.

Here is Cornerstone Pregnancy Services’ current position:
We are staying open to serve as many abortion vulnerable people as possible in the
coming weeks. Planned Parenthood is still making and keeping appointments and
considering their services to be "essential." We too feel that our services are
essential to the unborn lives at stake each day. According to the State of Ohio’s Stay-
at-Home guidelines, the medical and benevolent services we provide are essential to
those we serve. We know that we are called to provide these services within a
framework that is practical and safe for our staff and our clients.

We are determined to keep serving our at-risk clients until otherwise directed by our
Board of Directors. We will limit appointments to these three essential services:
pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and emergency supplies.

During appointments, only our clients will be allowed to enter our center in order to
maintain adequate social distancing requirements and to reduce the risk of exposure.
All clients are screened by our medical staff prior to their appointments. Return
appointments will be rescheduled for a later date within a 2-3 week timeframe
depending upon the Coronavirus status within our region and/or any changes in state-
mandated guidelines. Our educational services are postponed until May 2020.

Thank you for partnering with us through your faithful and consistent prayers.

Dr. Cynthia Carter-Smallwood
Executive Director