“It’s like an added family.”

“Cornerstone has provided encouragement, information, community, and support.”

“They mean a lot, because I’m able to learn so much of God (Bible), myself, other women and because they’re very supportive.”

“The bonding and fellowship I experience at Cornerstone means the world! Meeting women that I can relate to and get support from is amazing! I am truly blessed to have found Mom’s Club.”

“They are full of practical, useful information…and it’s free!”

“Being able to share my experiences in life with others, and somehow help them. Being able to talk about God and being open about myself.”

“I enjoy the atmosphere and community of other moms. Each class is uplifting to my spirit.”

“They are so helpful, inspiring, caring, and giving, up lifting. They are so sweet and loving women. A true blessing.”

“My teachers are the greatest blessing. They always seem to know the perfect things to say during class to create a positive atmosphere and make you feel welcome.”

“So sweet and caring, they love the Lord and make you feel so welcome.”

“It helps to have people that can relate to what you’re going through and help with things for our babies.”

“I did not have a strong community I could bond to during my pregnancy journey. I have grown so close to the supportive group at Cornerstone.”

“Cornerstone has helped me build friendships and help me feel less alone in this world of motherhood.”

“I have learned birthing information at Lamaze classes, budgeting and planning at the finance class, parenting techniques, more about God’s character, and lots of little things in between.”

“bcz our teachers Rock! ♥♥”

“Cornerstone is a contagious community! They provide so much love, help and encouragement. They are a highlight of my week.”

“You will feel the love, caring and mostly support when you most need it.”

“This is a great place to meet amazing women who can help you in so many wonderful ways without judging you.”

“Cornerstone has helped me grow spiritually.”

“Cornerstone is a blessing and helps when you’re in need.”