Ministry to the abortion-vulnerable is challenging: it’s private and hidden; further, it’s been politicized and disconnected from the gospel, discipleship, and grace. If things are going to change, the church must pray and be equipped to lead. As someone has said, "success is when preparation meets opportunity."

Please pray this with us:

God, we can’t decrease the number of abortions in a transformative way without you working behind the scenes to change the human heart. Please strengthen your local churches to lead with love and compassion. Please strengthen our pastors to lead with grace and courage, and please strengthen me today.

Our goal for Sanctity of Human Life in January 2021, is to help your church plan a Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Service. Coming this fall we will have resources for you to use to plan your service. Sermon topics, bulletin inserts, and media resources will be provided for your use. We also encourage you to book a Cornerstone Representative to come and share during your service. For more information or to book your Cornerstone Representative, please contact our Director of Communication and Donor Relations, Rachel Mellen. 


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