Real Client Answers To The Question,
“What did you like about your visit?”

Here were their responses from earlier this year!


Kathy– “Very attentive consultant, respectful and kind.”


Lauren– “Respected.”


Margaret– “The way the staff explains everything with patience.”


Sarai– “All the different information and resources available”


Chris– “Able to see my child’s heartbeat.”


Maria– “Getting to see the baby”


Tayler– “I was able to ask questions and get them answered.”


Kortney– “ Received referral information needed for prenatal care”


Carly– “How comfortable and welcome they made me feel”


Clara– “Seeing my little baby”


Britney– “Getting to see my baby and heartbeat. Peace of mind.”


Jennifer– “Seeing the tiny baby, and prayer was amazing.”


Alicia– “How nice and respectful.”


Sophie– “My concerns were heard.”


Melissa– “Confidential, nice, let me explain how I felt with open ears.”


Monica– “These ladies are awesome, always make you feel comfortable.”


Samantha– “Very caring environment.”


Kristina– “Praying.”