An Appropriate Response to Negative Communications Concerning Our Ministry


Cornerstone Pregnancy Services provides medical services consisting of pregnancy screening, STD testing, and limited ultrasounds by trained nursing professionals. Other services include nutritional education and support, prenatal and postnatal doula care and support, cutting-edge parenting courses, pregnancy loss support, and help for new dads provided by trained professionals. Our physicians are dedicated medical professionals who volunteer their time to assist our pregnancy center and offer excellent care to the clients we serve at no additional cost. These physicians are licensed and certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and radiology. Throughout the years, our nursing staff who manage and serve in our clinic have been ADN or BSN educated and licensed nurses. All our staff and volunteers go through comprehensive training to deliver quality services in a caring and compassionate manner. Never at any time will we coerce, mislead, encourage a person to remain in a dangerous situation, or judge a client who comes to our center to be served.

Generally, the reason most clients voluntarily come to our clinic is to receive free care and compassionate help during a difficult and confusing time, not for ulterior motives. We provide a process for clients to evaluate our programs and services and even to converse with our management team during the appointment if they have concerns about the way they were served. We remain committed to demonstrating the value God has placed on all human life made in His image, especially the unborn. We will not succumb to bullying or angry people who desire to twist our mission and concern for the lives of women and preborn babies. Only Jesus can deliver unconditional love, aid, and care to those who feel like they have no hope. We provide services with compassion and care under the professional oversight of a licensed medical doctor with the support of licensed nurse professionals, including advanced practice nurses. We empower the choice of life for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.