Pregnancy Center Partners Image 1We would not be available to our clients and families with out the consistent support of our monthly donors. This faithful stream of income each month allows us to intersect these families during their time of need. By giving each month, you are participating in the life of every client who walks in our door or visits the mobile. Every monthly gift is valuable regardless of the amount.  We have partners at all monetary levels; but combined, the impact is great and the cash flow is essential to operations.

Whether you are able to give $10, $25, $50, $100 or more you have the benefit of accounting for your gift in your budget each month.  If you choose our e-Giving option, there are no checks to write and no stamps to buy as your gift is automatically deducted each month.  We are blessed to know that we can count on the gifts to provide the financial  support we need to keep the doors open and the mobile rolling. It costs about $41 per client visit. . . less than $50 per month changes a life!

Click Here to set up your monthly River Stones Partnership. How many lives can you impact?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a River Rock Partner?

A: Giving is easy and convenient.  No checks to write, no stamps to buy. And we can count on your monthly gift to help our clients in need.

Q: How does E-giving work?

A: You provide us with your bank or credit card   information, the monthly amount, and the date to be withheld.  The gifts are automatically withdrawn from your checking or applied to your credit card or bank account.

Q: Is E-giving the only way to be a monthly partner?

A: No. We can also receive your checks via mail each month. E-giving provides a more cost-effective way – no stamps, no written checks; but either option is accepted.

Q: How can I keep track of my donations?

A. Your checking account or credit card statement will show the date and amount of your donation.  We also provide you with a year-end statement in January, for your contributions from the previous year.